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2504, 2017

A big first birthday bash for Mall of Africa!

One year on, and it’s hard to imagine Waterfall without Mall of Africa. Atterbury’s mammoth retail project celebrates its first birthday this month, and we look back at a very successful 12 months. Mall of Africa’s Vanessa Fourie shares some of the biggest insights Happy birthday! What festivities are planned? There is an epic “Packyourbag” competition worth R62 500 that’s been running all month – the winner and a partner will jet off on an all-expenses paid, eight-day holiday to Egypt, including R15 000 spending money, sightseeing, flights, transfers and meals. And if you don’t win the biggie, there is [...]

2104, 2017

People of the North part 2

Atterbury has always looked to the future, and its European expansion is testimony to that. With the birth of the Atterbury Europa arm of the business, it became obvious that having local people on the ground was essential to keep the motto “it’s a matter of association” alive. And for a few lucky Atterbury team members that means the opportunity to live in far-flung places, and learning to do business among other cultures. In the second part of our series on the Atterbury Europe team, we stop over in exotic Dubai where we meet Ansu Kretzman and then catch up with CJ Wegner, who is packing his bags as we speak to move to Holland on I May.

1104, 2017

USD95 million Kumasi City Mall, Ghana, opens on 20 April 2017

The new Kumasi City Mall in Ghana’s city of Kumasi will open on 20 April 2017. Kumasi is a city in the Ashanti region and is amongst the largest metropolitan areas of Ghana. It is leading property developer and investor Atterbury’s fourth successful retail development in Ghana. Atterbury’s first trio of prior successful developments in the country are all in Ghana’s capital, Accra: Accra Mall, Westhills Mall, and Achimota Retail centre. The world-class 18,500sqm modern mall, with potential for a future 10,000sqm expansion, will give the city of Kumasi its first one-stop environment with shopping and entertainment under one roof when [...]

2403, 2017

A dream in the dunes

Over in the Namibian desert Atterbury is creating a dream shopping destination for the people of Walvis Bay. We caught up with Evert Kleynhans and Stewart Steyn for a progress report on Dunes Mall

2203, 2017

People of the north

As Atterbury spreads its wings over the globe, more members of the team are relocating to overseas territories. In the first part of a new series we spoke to Henk Deist and Raoul de Villiers about their unique experience living the motto of “it’s a matter of association” on foreign soil…

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