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Atterbury’s in-house corporate services team is responsible for the entire investment function. This multi-disciplined team handles and facilitates mergers, acquisitions and the structuring of deals and also ensure proper deal execution and detailed transaction management.

Our corporate professionals keep all systems in order with infrastructure, capable of handling the company’s rapid expansion. Corporate services facilitate the finance requirements and hedging risk as part of the development and asset management process.

With our proven track record in successfully concluding a number of significant  deals such as the sale of Attfund to Hyprop, the formation of AttAfrica, the listing of Attacq and the structuring of the Richmond transaction, we are perfectly positioned to take Atterbury to the next level.

Investment and fund management services

Corporate and statutory reporting, mergers, acquisitions and deal structuring, treasury, legal, marketing and brand management.

Flip Smit

Financial Director

Adriaan van Rooyen

Chief Financial Officer

Peter Noeth

Legal Manager

Liezl Nieuwoudt

Treasury Manager

Corporate services news

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