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Atterbury Industrial Space (PDF)

At Atterbury we create business environments optimised for the benefit of tenants.

Our experienced leasing team manages a variety of important relationships with leading retailers, many lessees and top letting agents.

Atterbury works closely with expert retail and business consulting partners to determine the ideal tenant mix for a particular retail environment or building.

New real estate assets are meticulously planned around community needs, prime tenant requirements and space allocation.

For established retail centres we ensure a continuing lease of life with updated tenant combinations and new lifestyle opportunities.

Lease-management practices at Atterbury compare favourably to best practices around the world. It all starts with a team of professionals who are experienced in creating win-win leasing arrangements for long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

Leasing relationships at Atterbury are underpinned by excellent administration and appropriate documentation that provide a solid foundation for continuing tenant satisfaction.

Leasing news

Cape Fruit Coolers (CFC) was one of the first three companies to be signed up at Richmond Park, Atterbury’s biggest Western Cape project to date; and took transfer in June 2017. Today the facility is [...]

The eye-catching graffiti art at The Club and The Village gives the Old East Precinct a very distinctive visual appearance that truly supports the slogan “Art of development – Inspired by Atterbury”. We spoke to [...]