We spoke to Group Financial Manager, Yvette du Toit, for our series on women we are honoured to have as part of the Atterbury team. Yvette shares some insights on the property sector:

How did you get involved with the property industry?
Honestly – it was Atterbury, the company, who they are and what they stand for that attracted me to this industry. I have always wanted to work for a company that values their people, that looks after their people. Atterbury does that and so much more. After I started reading about who Atterbury is, I just really wanted to be a part of them. Luckily, I knew the previous HR manager – she invited me for an interview and soon thereafter I became part of the finance team.

What do you like most about working in the property sector?
It is dynamic and ever-evolving – there is room for so much and this makes it incredibly fun. We get to leave a footprint wherever we go and make a real impact.

What advice would you give women who want to get into the property sector as a career?
The bar is high – it’s really not average. If you want to learn, improve, grow and connect then you will enjoy this sector!

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