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Any building is only as good as its management. Atterbury specialises in professional property management geared towards making the lives of tenants, their customers and staff as enjoyable as possible. The Atterbury asset management (AAM) team has many years of development and property management experience, coupled with financial and implementation acumen.

They are responsible for the strategic management of assets. These comprise leasing strategies, including the tenant mix, marketing strategies, investment strategies on acquisitions, disposals and redevelopment functions. They also manage the property managers who deliver all required services at each asset.

Through carefully maintained systems and procedures, enhanced by a holistic view of the entire Atterbury portfolio, our asset managers are in a prime position to advise clients on how to maximise the value of assets.

AAM currently holds several prestigious asset management and consulting contracts, including the management of Atterbury Property Holdings, Attacq, AttAfrica and Atterbury Europe Services B.V.


Value under management

Size square meters Value as of Jun 2016
South Africa 468 836 11 371 153 127
EnAtt (Mauritius) 121 858 486 344 943
Africa 107 104 5 802 186 432
Europe 77 306 3 255 230 647
Total 775 104
 20 914 915 149

Lucille Louw 

Managing Director of Atterbury Asset Managers

Wessel Boshoff 

Asset Manager: Operations

Heloise van Niekerk 

Asset Manager

Adelene van der Westhuizen 

Asset Manager

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