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Fatti is a leading analytics company that adds value to bricks-and-mortar assets by using world-class technology.

This value proposition enables our property managers, operations managers and marketing managers to discover the consumer behavioural journey, understand their consumers better and strategise to change or engage this behaviour.

Atterbury initially partnered with Fatti to deploy Wi-Fi networks within the various malls. However, Fatti offers a much more powerful tool than purely deploying a Wi-Fi network. Fatti uses the respective Wi-Fi networks to gather analytics and to provide valuable insight into consumer behavioural patterns.

Fatti’s core business is to market, implement, maintain and support real time location behavioural analytics.

Success has been achieved through a robust and global best practice project execution methodology for the Wi-Fi network and based on that, the accuracy of Fatti’s analytics is the best in the industry.

Fatti has been deployed in more than seven countries, across multiple sectors/verticals such as shopping malls, stadiums, education institutions, ocean liners, universities and airports.

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Contact Fatti on 087 805 8132 or email engage@fatti.co.za to find out how Fatti can help you.

videoAdrian Maguire CEO of Fatti
CNBC Africa 16 October 2017

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