Continental exposure

Atterbury Europe is a company incorporated in the Netherlands that focuses on shopping centre investments and retail development opportunities in Europe, particularly the fast-developing Central and Eastern region.  Atterbury Europe represents a new, high-level partnership between Atterbury and a group of European investors.  It will partner with JSE-listed real estate capital growth fund Attacq Limited to tap into this market. It has already made investments in Cyprus and Serbia totalling €300-million.

Atterbury Europe’s €200-million investment in Cyprus, with Attacq, includes two key retail assets, both with expansion potential, to facilitate the growth strategies of international retail brands in Cyprus.

The Serbian investment consists out of a one third stake in a €259-million retail portfolio of seven shopping centres in Serbia as well as a 50/50 new development fund.

The European team will, through a services company (“Atterbury Europe Services”), manage assets and developments on the continent in line with Atterbury’s 21 years of multinational experience.





In 2013, Atterbury made the strategic decision to play a more direct role in expanding the company’s operations to Europe. This step was precipitated by our involvement as a partner in the development of Carlton Gate, a mixed use scheme in heart of Edinburgh, Scotland. Atterbury partners with Artisan Real Estate in this development.

Atterbury is also active on the European continent through its association with MAS Real Estate. This company’s major shareholder is Attacq. It owns and manages quality properties in Germany, Switzerland and the UK.

MAS was established by Atterbury and its founding member Mertech, in association with Sanlam. It aims to invest in high quality property in its focus countries. The company’s objectives and investment strategy are aimed at investors seeking European commercial property opportunities that yield stable returns and portfolio diversification.




Shoppi (Serbia)

Gideon Oosthuizen

Atterbury Europe

Raoul de Villiers

Managing Director Atterbury Europe Services

Henk Deist

Chief Financial Officer Atterbury Europe

Armond Boshoff

Treasury Manager
and Acquisitions

Martin Olivier

Financial Manager Atterbury Europe